GeForce GT 635M/PCIe/SSE2 3D Mark Okay, technical Info, known issues and bugs

  3D Bench Mark OK

3D.Mark.Okay for Graphic-Card: GeForce-GT-635M-PCIe-SSE2

 1 21.28   Medium  1366x768 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B980 @ 2.40GHz46.3.9600
 2 31.35   Low  1366x768 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2348M CPU @ 2.30GHz2x410.0.19045

GeForce GT 635M/PCIe/SSE2 - Technical Information.

The NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M is a mobile graphics card used in laptops. Here is some technical information about this graphics card:

- GPU Architecture:
The GeForce GT 635M is based on NVIDIA's Kepler architecture.

- CUDA Cores:
It has a certain number of CUDA cores that can be used for parallel computing.

- Memory:
The GT 635M is equipped with its own dedicated graphics memory, which can vary in size depending on the model.

- Memory Interface:
The memory interface of the GT 635M may vary and affects the bandwidth and performance of the graphics card.

- DirectX Support:
The GT 635M supports DirectX 11, meaning it supports the latest graphics features and technologies for games and applications that use DirectX.

- CUDA Support:
The graphics card supports NVIDIA's CUDA technology, which allows developers to use GPUs for general purpose and parallel computing.

- Optimal Power Management:
The GT 635M includes power management features to increase performance when needed while minimizing power consumption.

- Driver Support:
The GT 635M is supported by NVIDIA with regular driver updates to improve performance and resolve issues.

For more detailed information about the technical data and specifications of the GT 635M, I recommend taking a look at the official product page from NVIDIA or the manufacturer of the laptop in which the graphics card is installed.

GeForce GT 635M/PCIe/SSE2, known issues and bugs.

The NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M is an older mobile graphics card, and while it was quite popular in the past, some known issues and bugs have been discovered over time. Here are some possible issues:

1. Driver incompatibility:
Newer operating systems or driver versions may experience incompatibility issues that may result in performance issues or crashes.

2. Overheating:
Due to the limited cooling in laptops, the GT 635M may tend to overheat during operation, which may result in performance drops or even system shutdown.

3. Screen Flickering:
Some users have reported screen flickering or skipping while using the GT 635M, which may be due to driver issues or hardware defects.

4. Performance Impact:
As technology advances, newer games and applications may not run optimally on the GT 635M, which may result in lower frame rates or poorer image quality.

5. Stability Issues:
In some cases, users may experience unstable systems or crashes due to graphics card or driver issues.

To fix or minimize these issues, I recommend the following steps:

- Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers from NVIDIA's official website.
- Check regularly for software and driver updates for your operating system and games.
- Pay attention to the operating temperature of your graphics card and, if necessary, provide better ventilation for your laptop.
- Test the graphics card with different games or applications to see if the problem is specific to certain software.
- For more serious issues, it may be advisable to contact the laptop manufacturer or NVIDIA Technical Support for further assistance.
3D Bench Mark OK
  3D Bench Mark OK

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