AMD Radeon (TM) R9 Fury Series 3D Mark Okay, technical Info, known issues and bugs

  3D Bench Mark OK

3D.Mark.Okay for Graphic-Card: AMD-Radeon-TM-R9-Fury-Series

 1 16.63   High  3840x2160 8../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz2x410.0.19044
 2 43.35   High  2560x1080 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2683 v4 @ 2.10GHz2x810.0.17763
 3 53.22   High  1920x1080 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz2x410.0.19044
 4 72.37   High  1024x768 0../img/icoGK/amd-ico.png  AMD A10-7870K Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G2x410.0.19045
 5 211.56   Medium  2560x1440 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz2x810.0.19044
 6 261.11   Medium  1920x1080 0../img/icoGK/amd-ico.png  AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor 2x810.0.19045
 7 155.38   Medium  1600x1200 0../img/icoGK/amd-ico.png  AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1065T Processor2x46.1.7601

AMD Radeon (TM) R9 Fury Series - Technical Information.

The AMD Radeon R9 Fury Series is a series of graphics cards developed by AMD and designed for gaming and demanding graphics applications. Here is some technical information about this graphics card series:

1. GPU:
The AMD Radeon R9 Fury Series uses AMD's Fiji GPU architecture.

2. Memory:
The R9 Fury Series cards feature High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM), which provides improved performance and power efficiency compared to traditional GDDR5 memory.

3. Performance:
The R9 Fury Series offers high performance for gaming at high resolutions and is also suitable for virtual reality (VR).

4. Interfaces:
The graphics cards feature a variety of interfaces including DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI to support a wide range of monitors and displays.

5. Cooling:
Due to their high performance, R9 Fury Series cards may require efficient cooling to maintain appropriate operating temperatures.

6. Power Supply:
Some R9 Fury Series models require additional power supply via PCIe power connectors to meet their performance requirements.

Regarding known issues and bugs, some users may encounter driver incompatibilities, overheating issues, or performance issues, especially with older cards or in situations where the card is operating under heavy load. It is important to perform regular driver updates and ensure the card is adequately cooled to minimize such issues.

AMD Radeon (TM) R9 Fury Series, known issues and bugs.

Some known issues and bugs that may occur with the AMD Radeon R9 Fury Series are:

1. Driver Incompatibilities:
Occasionally driver incompatibilities may occur, especially with new games or applications. This may result in crashes, performance issues, or other malfunctions.

2. Overheating:
Due to the high performance and associated heat generation, overheating can be a problem, especially if the card is used in a poorly ventilated case or if the fans are not functioning properly.

3. Performance Fluctuations:
Some users may experience performance variability issues where the graphics card intermittently fails to perform as expected. This can be due to various reasons including driver problems or hardware problems.

4. Image Quality:
Some users may experience image quality issues such as artifacts, flickering, or blurry textures. These issues may be due to driver incompatibilities, incorrect settings, or hardware defects.

5. Compatibility Issues with Specific Games or Applications:
Some games or applications may not run smoothly on AMD Radeon R9 Fury Series, either due to driver incompatibilities, lack of optimization, or other factors.

To minimize these problems, it is important to regularly perform driver updates, cool the graphics card properly, check the hardware for defects and adjust the settings accordingly. When problems arise, users can also use forums and communities to find solutions or get support from other users.
3D Bench Mark OK
  3D Bench Mark OK

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