Quadro P2000/PCIe/SSE2 3D Mark Okay, technical Info, known issues and bugs

  3D Bench Mark OK

3D.Mark.Okay for Graphic-Card: Quadro-P2000-PCIe-SSE2

 1 104.25   High  1920x1080 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz2x1610.0.26217
 2 326.92   Medium  1920x1080 0../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Celeron(R) G5905 CPU @ 3.50GHz810.0.19043
 3 579.04   Low  1920x1080 4../img/icoGK/intel-ico.png  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1270 v6 @ 3.80GHz2x810.0.19044

Quadro P2000/PCIe/SSE2 - Technical information.

The NVIDIA Quadro P2000 is a dedicated professional graphics card designed for use in workstations. Here is some technical information about this GPU:

1. Architecture and Performance:
The Quadro P2000 is based on the NVIDIA Pascal architecture, which offers a good balance between performance and power efficiency. It is specifically optimized for professional applications such as CAD, 3D modeling, rendering and other computationally intensive tasks.

2. CUDA Cores and Memory:
The Quadro P2000 has a certain number of CUDA cores used for parallel computing. The exact number may vary depending on the model variant. It is equipped with GDDR5 graphics memory, which is 5 GB or 4 GB depending on the configuration.

3. Interfaces and Ports:
The card supports a variety of interfaces and ports, including PCIe (PCI Express) to connect to the workstation, as well as DisplayPort and HDMI ports to connect monitors and other peripherals .

4. Certifications and Driver Support:
Since the Quadro P2000 is a professional graphics card, it is certified and supported by many CAD and 3D modeling software providers. NVIDIA offers regular driver updates to optimize performance and address compatibility issues.

5. Performance and areas of application:
The Quadro P2000 offers good performance for professional applications and is able to efficiently process complex 3D models, animations and visualizations. It is suitable for use in workstations in various industries such as architecture, engineering, film production and design.

6. Cooling and Power Consumption:
The graphics card is designed to be efficiently cooled while maintaining reasonable power consumption. This enables reliable and quiet operation in workstations over longer periods of time.

The NVIDIA Quadro P2000 delivers reliable performance for professional applications and is a popular choice for users who need a powerful graphics card for demanding tasks.

Quadro P2000/PCIe/SSE2, known issues and bugs.

There is no specific information available regarding known issues and errors with the NVIDIA Quadro P2000 beyond the usual level of driver issues or compatibility issues that can arise with graphics cards.

Typical problems that graphics card users might experience include driver incompatibilities, graphics errors in specific applications, performance issues, and occasionally hardware failures.

Here are some general steps users can take to troubleshoot issues with their NVIDIA Quadro P2000:

1. Driver Updates:
Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the official NVIDIA website. New driver versions may contain performance improvements and bug fixes.

2. Compatibility Check:
Check the compatibility of your Quadro P2000 with the software and hardware used. Make sure your workstation and applications are compatible with the graphics card.

3. Temperature Monitoring:
Monitor the temperature of your graphics card to ensure it does not overheat. Make sure there is enough cooling and that the fans are working properly.

4. Troubleshooting Applications:
If specific applications are causing problems, try updating or reinstalling the application. Also check the application's settings and configurations to ensure that it is working properly with the graphics card.

5. Hardware Tests:
Perform hardware tests as necessary to ensure that the Quadro P2000 is functioning properly and that there are no hardware errors.

If users experience specific problems with their NVIDIA Quadro P2000, they can consult forums, support websites or the official NVIDIA website for help and support.
3D Bench Mark OK
  3D Bench Mark OK

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